5 Bowlers Who Dismissed a Player the Most Times in IPL History

Check out the list of 5 Bowlers Who Dismissed a Player the Most Times in IPL History in this blog.

Yes, you have read the title correctly, and we think you have already understood what we are going to tell you in this IPL History post. This is a stat in the IPL where whenever a new batsman comes out to bat and the same bowler bowls who has previously got him out, the broadcasters keep showing this stat for the duration of his innings. Furthermore, this is one of the worst records a batsman can have. And there’s more. A batsman who has been dismissed by the same bowler several times is referred to as a “bunny” by that bowler. No matter how hard he tries to play him differently, the same bowler gets him out, which is not a good situation for the batsman.

So, today, we have compiled this blog post for our IPL fans to check out the top 5 bowlers who have dismissed a player the most number of times in IPL history. This is one of the worst records for a batsman to have, and this batsman is more commonly known as a “bunny” by that bowler.

As previously stated, this star is one of the worst ever for batsmen, but for bowlers, it’s like getting your favourite candy and then getting to eat it, because when they see the same batsman who they have dismissed so many times come out, there is a spring in their step that he is theirs, and the captain immediately gives him the next over. So let’s take a look at the top five times this has happened.

Zaheer Khan to MS Dhoni (7 Times Dismissed)

This is a rather surprising statistic because one would have expected Graeme Smith to take first place here as well, as he does in international cricket. After all, the universal rule was that Zaheer Khan would always get Graeme Smith out, but given MSD’s perennial weakness against left-arm fast bowlers, it’s easy to see why MS Dhoni would give Zak so much of his wicket. He has bowled to Dhoni in 13 IPL innings, and more than half the time, whether he was playing for CSK or Pune, it was Zaheer who got him out. This is yet another proud achievement for the great Zaheer Khan, who is one of our all-time favourite fast bowlers.

Sandeep Sharma to Virat Kohli (7 Times Dismissed)

It’s as surprising to see Virat Kohli on this list as it is to see Mumbai or Chennai fail to win the IPL. Yes, we are witnessing both of these teams’ disasters in this IPL 2022. And if there was ever a bowler who could have this kind of record against Virat Kohli without being disrespectful to Sandeep, we would have thought it should be Bumrah or Rabada or a leg spinner, but we have seen for several years that Sandeep Sharma’s swing bowling has troubled Virat Kohli a lot and has gotten him out bowled more often than not. Many RCB fans may have witnessed a number of those dismissals, and in the 15 IPL innings he has bowled at him, getting Virat Kohli out 7 times is a record that will be very dear to Sandeep Sharma, one of the most underrated IPL bowlers ever.

Ravichandran Ashwin to Robin Uthappa (7 Times Dismissed)

Robin Uthappa

Robin Uthappa

Another combination that surprised me, not because it’s Ashwin, but because one would have expected a left-handed batsman to be here instead of Robin Uthappa, who gets 75 percent of his wickets by getting left-handed batsmen out, so having Robin Uthappa, who is such a good spin bowler, on this list is a bit shocking, but this is the IPL, so anything can happen. Ravichandran Ashwin is a very clever bowler, and it appears that he outfoxed Robin Uthappa 7 times out of the 19 times they faced each other, indicating that Ashwin enjoys bowling to Robin Uthappa and that we will see the same tactic this year.

Sunil Narine to Rohit Sharma (7 Times Dismissed)

This could be the first combination that cannot surprise the fans at all because fans have seen the difficulty that not only Rohit Sharma but the majority of batsmen have when playing against Sunil Narine in the history of the IPL. It could have been any batsman, but as luck would have it, Rohit Sharma is on this list, which makes it three of the most celebrated IPL players that have found a mention on this list, which is shocking. Sunil Narine was unable to read Rohit Sharma’s bat, and he was either bowled or caught out. And, because both of these great players will continue to play for a few more years, the number could rise in the coming years.

Amit Mishra to Rohit Sharma (7 Times Dismissed)

It is not a good time to be Rohit Sharma right now because this is the second back-to-back mention of the Hitman on this list, and this time it is a leg spinner from India who has got him out 7 times, meaning that between an off-spinner and a leg spinner, Rohit Sharma has been out 14 times to only two bowlers in IPL history, which is not a record any batsman would want, especially one of Rohit Sharma’s caliber. Amit Sharma is one of the greatest bowlers in IPL history and the only bowler in IPL history to have taken three hat tricks. Fortunately for Rohit, the count against Amit Mishra will remain at 7.

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