Tennis Betting at Cricbaba Sportsbook

Tennis betting is a year-round opportunity, with matches happening globally at all times. Once you’ve identified an excellent tennis bookmaker, your betting journey can truly take off. On Cricbaba, you have a plethora of options: betting on the match winner, guessing the total sets in a match, or predicting top performers in prestigious tournaments like Wimbledon.

For those who thrive on in-the-moment action, live betting on tennis also available, allowing you to make decisions based on the match’s live dynamics. In this guide to online tennis betting at Cricbaba, you will find our tips to be successful with your tennis bets.

Understanding Tennis Betting

If you occasionally take a gamble on sports matches but not on tennis, it may be worthwhile to take a look at the tennis bets offered by Cricbaba Sportsbook. There are numerous bets available for various tournaments and matches that you can bet on if you want to gamble on tennis.

The more you follow the sport and get to know the players, you will see that it becomes easier and easier to make money with these bets. Tennis betting can simply yield a nice amount if you do your homework because the bookmaker generally pays little attention to this sport because it only represents a relatively small part of the turnover.

If you are already involved in tennis betting, you have an even greater advantage over the bookmaker and other players because you already have valuable knowledge and information that most others do not have. This is a big factor in beating the bookmaker because you are simply able to spot ‘wrong’ odds through your knowledge.

Besides the fact that it can be very profitable, it is also fun to bet on tennis matches every now and then. The excitement of a bet gives a different dimension to watching the matches and makes following the players even more fun than it already is without tennis betting.

What Is Tennis Betting?

Tennis Betting involves betting on tennis match outcomes. Online tennis betting offers many types of markets, together with football, this sport has the most detailed bets. Possible bets on tennis can range from who wins a certain point in the match to the winner of a Grand Slam tournament.

Betting on tennis is possible all year round, with the exception of December, you can bet every day on small ATP tournaments up to the Grand Slams.

The best-known tournaments to bet on are the US Open, Wimbledon, Roland Garros and the Australian Open, all Grand Slam tournaments. These tournaments take place throughout the year. Below is a further explanation of the Grand Slams.

  • The Australian Open kicks off the Grand Slam season. This tournament takes place in the last weeks of January. Matches are played for two weeks on the beautiful hard courts of Melbourne Park.
  • Roland Garros is the next spectacle of the Grand Slams. This tournament is held in beautiful Paris in the months of May and June. Roland Garros is perfect for real clay court specialists.
  • Wimbledon is perhaps the most famous Grand Slam tournament of the four. The traditions that take place at Wimbledon make the tournament so unique. For example, all tennis players appear in classic white clothing. This tournament takes place in London from June to July. Wimbledon is played on grass.
  • The last Grand Slam tournament of the season is the US Open. This tournament takes place in New York from August to September. The US Open is played at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The surface of the tournament is hard court.

Basic Rules of Tennis Betting

Bookmakers have varying Tennis Betting Rules regarding player retirements. If these specific rules aren’t met, all bets are nullified and your stake is refunded.

Currently, there are four distinct retirement rules in tennis betting, which can be classified as follows:

  • First Ball: If the bookmaker adopts First Ball rule, bets are active after the first ball is played. If a player retires any time after this, bets are settled as per the result at that time.
  • One Set Completed: Some bookmakers require at least one set to be completed for the bet to be active.
  • Two Sets Completed: Others may require two full sets to be played.
  • Full Match: Some bookmakers only consider bets active if the full match is completed.

Apart from this there are also some other circumstances that may result in cancelling and refunding your bet:

  • Walkovers: If a player wins due to their opponent withdrawing before the match starts (a walkover), all bets on that match are void.
  • Weather Delays: If a match is postponed due to weather or darkness and resumes the next day, bets generally stand. However, some bookmakers have a 48-hour or one-week rule, requiring the match to be completed within that timeframe.
  • Change of Location: If the match location changes (e.g., moving to a covered court due to rain), the bet still stands.

How Tennis Odds Work?

Tennis odds hold a numerical value, which is directly linked to a given bet. So, for example, if you want to bet on a success of Alexander Zverev against Novak Djokovic, you will have to bet your money on the odds offered by the bookmakers for such a scenario and not directly on the player.

Then, you must also understand that the value of an odds will always be related to the probabilities of a bet being validated. Thus, the more likely your bet will be successful, the less likely the tennis odds offered by the betting sites will be high. And conversely, the more complicated the bet you are betting on seems to be, the higher the odds offered by the bookmakers will be.

Types of Tennis Bets

When betting on tennis at Cricbaba, you can choose from many different options for every match or tournament. As in other sports, the most common bet is a “match winner” or an “outright winner”. This means that you either bet on the winner of the entire tournament or simply on the winner of individual matches.

Exploring beyond the conventional match winner bets, you can also explore Set Betting Tennis, game handicap betting, or predicting the total number of games.

Apart from these, there is Single Bet and Multibet options on each market. These are independent from what type of event you bet on and more about how many matches you add on your betslip. We explore these bets in more detail below:

Single Bet

The single bet is the most commonly used bet in tennis betting and is also the simplest. It doesn’t really matter what type of prediction that one bet concerns. It is simply the only bet on your betting slip. So, this bet is not combined with other predictions.

But what kind of predictions you can make for your single bet? You have many tennis betting options on Cricbaba so review them below and choose the one that is the most convenient for you:

  • Match Winner: This is betting on who will win the match. The favourite is indicated with a negative sign (-) and the underdog with a positive (+). The underdog’s payout is naturally higher. These bets can change based on public betting trends, so keep an eye on the odds for strategic bets.
  • Spread Betting: This involves a hypothetical number of games by which the favourite is expected to win. It’s profitable in lopsided matches and focuses on individual performance rather than match results. For example, if the spread is 1.5 games, betting on the underdog wins if they lose by 1 game or win the match, and betting on the favourite wins if they win the match by at least 2 games.
  • Outright Betting: This is betting on a player to win an entire tournament, not just a match. It’s popular due to the tournament format of tennis. Odds are set for each player, with favourites paying less than underdogs.
  • Over/Under Betting: This bet is on the total number of sets in a match. Sportsbooks set a predetermined number, and you can bet over or under this number. In 3-set matches, the line is typically 2.5 sets, indicating bets on whether the match will end in straight sets or go to all three.
  • Exact Score Betting: This allows betting on the exact number of games a player will win in a set or match. It’s challenging and requires good knowledge of the players. Exact scores are hard to predict, but successful bets yield high returns. There are also simpler bets on the exact number of sets in a match, with different complexities for 3-set and 5-set matches.


What is a multibet? In a multiple bet you combine several single bets on 1 betting coupon. To win the combination bet, all your predictions must be correct. The advantage of a multi bet when betting on tennis is that all odds in your selection are multiplied together.

You can also diversify your betting portfolio by including different markets, such as match winners, set betting, or game totals. This type of betting surely needs more through research beforehand but it also offers the opportunity to win high amounts with a low bet. You can also use this popular bet to enhance your odds and to create more return when the odds are too low for a single bet. This is especially useful for example in matches with clear favorites.

Tennis Betting Systems and Strategies

There are plenty of ways you can approach betting on tennis. You can determine the stakes of a bet purely based on feeling, or you can choose to always maintain a fixed percentage of your total bankroll. But you can also look for guidance in the mthematical world thanks to betting systems.

Martingale System

The Martingale betting strategy is frequently applied to online casino games. This strategy simply means doubling your bet each time you lose until you win. It’s a popular method because it seems like a sure way to increase your winnings. This approach can also be applied to tennis betting.

In casinos, it’s easier to use because the odds are usually always the same. However, with a good understanding of how to calculate odds, you can use it in tennis betting too. It works especially well if you’re betting on outcomes with even odds, where you just double your stake after a loss. To make up for a recent loss, you need to figure out how much to bet next. To do that, you need to check out the odds of your last losing bet, comparing them to the current bet’s odds, and then adjusting how much you bet.

Fibonacci Betting System

The Fibonacci system is another famous strategy in gambling and sports online betting, which is based on the Fibonacci sequence. In tennis betting, the Fibonacci system relates to the size of your bet. At the start of the gambling session, you determine your basic bet, for example 10 dollars.

This basic bet is equal to the first number of the series. With every tennis bet you lose, you move one step further in the number series. A base of 10 dollars therefore produces the following series of bets: 10 – 10 – 20 – 30 – 50 – 80 – 130 – 210 – 340 – etc. To successfully complete this strategy, you only stop raising you bet as soon as you win a bet. The idea behind this is that you always make up for previous losses.

Kelly Criterion

The Kelly formula helps determine the optimal bet size based on your bankroll and the perceived value of a bet. Using this mathematical formula developed by Kelly for your tennis bets, you can accurately estimate how much money you need to invest to maximize your returns. The formula is as follows:

(odds×probability of the outcome)−1)/(odds−1)×100.

Does it start to make your head spin when you see such a mathematical formula? That is not necessary at all, because even if you’re not strong in math, the Kelly Criterion can still be accessible as there are online tools available to do the calculations for you.

Contrarian Betting

Contrarian Betting as the name suggests is going against popular sentiments or trends in the betting market. Contrarian bettors believe that public opinion often leads to overvalued odds. As a result, this creates opportunities for value in opposing outcomes.

As a pro tennis bettor, you might integrate Contrarian Betting into your tennis wagering strategy by identifying instances where public perception might be skewed. To back up your strategy, you can use statistical analysis or your own observations about an upcoming player.

Model-Based Betting

Model-Based Betting is a strategy that leverages statistical models and algorithms to analyze player performance, match conditions, and historical data. Model-Based Betting requires a more data-driven approach, where Indian punters can develop or utilize existing models to inform their wagers. Tennis betting tips, when integrated into this strategy, refine the decision-making process.

Surface and Court-Specific Betting

If you are a real tennis connoisseur, you must know the difference between all the different types of tennis courts. This all has an effect on the performance of different tennis players. We will try to explain this further.

There are four types of surfaces on which tennis is played. Each terrain has its own advantages and disadvantages, giving some players better or worse chances of winning. This information may have a huge affect on your tennis betting strategy.

Hard court:

This is as you can most likely imagine yourself, you genius, A hard surface. These are layers of rubbery material with either concrete or asphalt as a base. Two of the 4 Grand Slams have Hardcourt as their terrain.

Typical characteristics:

  • The most common field – so it is best to specialize in this
  • Thanks to this type of surface, the game runs much faster, which only benefits players with powerful serves (and forehands).
  • The spin of the ball on these pitches depends on the precise material used.


A grass field is the most beautiful thing tennis has to offer in terms of prestige. Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tournament that still uses this surface. It is only played for 4 weeks throughout the year! So now you immediately know why this type of field is almost never used anymore.

Typical characteristics:

  • The ball spins a lot slower on this type of surface
  • Serve & volley used to be the best players in this area, nowadays everything is done from the baseline
  • Difficult to find, due to the high maintenance costs

Artificial grass:

This is actually very similar to normal grass. It’s mainly just a lot cheaper. No Grand Slam uses this type of ground.

Typical characteristics:

  • Just like with traditional grass, the ball bounces a little less smoothly
  • It costs a lot less to maintain and can be used much more per year
  • It dries out much faster when it rains

Clay court:

Clay courts are very cheap and are also easier to walk on. It feels more natural than all the other fields because it is much softer. Roland Garros is the only Grand Slam where you can play on Clay.

Typical characteristics:

  • Very soft, making it easy to slide
  • Quite a bit of maintenance costs
  • Very good for technical players with great endurance

Live Tennis Betting at Cricbaba

Live betting is perhaps the most exciting way of betting on tennis and other sports. The quotes are adjusted live to the real-time developments of the match. There is a lot of money to be made if you bet smartly and act quickly.

In-Play Betting

Live betting is a module on Cricbaba sportsbook that allows you to place bets during a match. Many of the pre match tennis bets we mentioned on this page are also available for In Play Tennis Betting. This gives you the opportunity to watch the first few games before betting on the winner of the match. But live tennis betting involves many more bets. Let’s break down each type of live bet you can place on Cricbaba Sports Betting Site:

  • Who Wins the Next Set? – If you are curious about What Is Set Betting In Tennis, here is the simple explanation: You predict which player will win the upcoming set. It’s a straightforward choice based on your assessment of the players’ current performance.
  • Who Will Win the Next Set with Handicap? – Similar to the previous bet, but a handicap is applied to the stronger player, when one player is heavily favoured over the other. This means the favoured player must win by a certain margin for the bet to pay off.
  • Who Wins the Next Game? – This bet focuses on the winner of the next game within a set.
  • Who Will Win the First Point of the Next Game? – This bet focuses on the very start of the next game, predicting who will score the first point.
  • What Will Be the Total Number of Games in the Set? (Over/Under Bet) – Here, you’re betting on whether the total number of games played in a set will be over or under a specified number.
  • What Will Be the Exact Score of This Set? – This is a more challenging bet, requiring you to predict the precise final score of the current set.
  • What Will Be the Exact Score of the Next Game? – Similar to predicting the set score, but for the next game.
  • Will This Set Be Decided in a Tie-Break? (Yes/No Bet) – In this simple yes/no format, you bet on whether the current set will be so closely contested that it requires a tie-break to decide the winner.

Bet on tennis matches at Cricbaba Sportsbook

Tips For Successful Tennis Betting

There are tips that you can take into account when betting on tennis. Below are the most important Tennis Betting Tips to take into account when you want to bet on tennis matches at Cricbaba.

Research and Analysis

Before you place your bet, it is useful to check a few things. For example, check the players’ recent form – how they have been recently? Does the victory come easy or do they struggle to win?

Then also check how previous mutual matches went. Even though some opponents appear to be of a lower level at first glance, it sometimes turns out that their playing style can really bother the favourite – with surprising tennis betting results.

Bankroll Management

A fundamental aspect of successful tennis betting for readers in India is adept bankroll management. This involves setting and adhering to a budget for betting activities. Tennis betting tips stress the importance of not wagering more than one can afford to lose. By strategically allocating funds and avoiding impulsive bets, you can ensure sticking to your tennis betting strategy in long term.

Understand the Surface

Furthermore, the surface on which tennis is played plays a major role. For example, on grass (a fast surface), serving is an important part. Gravel is the slowest surface and hard courts are considered average. Every player has their preferences and everyone’s playing style suits one court better than another. Keep that in mind when determining your bet.

Bet on Familiar Tournaments

If you are seeking a strategic edge in tennis betting, focusing on familiar tournaments proves to be a good approach. Betting on prestigious events like Grand Slams or ATP Tour tournaments allows you to leverage your knowledge of player form, historical performance, and tournament dynamics. Your niche expertise can be advantageous while searching for the best tennis betting odds.

Watch For Weather Conditions

Weather can significantly influence player performance and match outcomes. Tennis betting tips underscore the importance of monitoring factors such as wind, heat, and humidity, as these elements can impact ball movement and player strength.

Player Form

Take a good look at the current form of a tennis player, has he performed well in recent tennis matches and what has he been able to show. Also compare this carefully with the opponent of the player you want to bet your money on.

Shop for the Best Odds

Since a draw is not possible in tennis, the odds for the favourites are often on the low side. To get better tennis betting odds, consider comparing the odds of different bookmakers. Cricbaba offers you the most competitive tennis betting odds in the market.

However, if you want to enhance your odds even more, consider combining bets into a combo bet. Make sure you do your research to be as sure as possible about your picks. A combination bet always entails a bit more risk.

Bet on tennis matches at Cricbaba Sportsbook


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