Cash or Crash Live at Cricbaba

Cash or Crash Live is just another inventive game by Evolution Gaming. Inspired by their famous live game shows Monopoly Live and Crazy Time Live. A virtual blimp hovers over the metropolis city in Cash or Crash Live game. Experienced gamers will realise it is the same city used in Monopoly Live bonus rounds and Crazy Time.

That is what is called attention to detail. Like other live game shows, Cash or Crash has its game show host who controls the proceedings. A lottery-type bingo machine selects balls of different colours and helps decide the game’s outcome. Green, red, and gold are the following colours.

The game’s goal is to get as high up as possible, and the payout ladder is 20 steps. If, in that period, a red ball is drawn, then it will cause a blimp, and all the players will crash alongside their winnings. The higher a player climbs on a ladder, the bigger the payout.

Cash or Crash Live game

All players have three options before a ball is drawn:

  • Cash-out.
  • Take half and play with the other half.
  • Risk it and continue playing in hopes of getting a bigger payout.

The types of coloured balls in Cash or Crash Live by Evolution:

  • Green- This ball allows players to advance in the paytable ladder.
  • Red- This, unfortunately, causes a blimp, and players crash and lose all the money.
  • Gold- There is only one golden ball in the game, and it adds a protective shield against the red ball. This also increases the payouts after a green ball.

Players can get up to a bonus of 18,000x, which is for reaching the top of the ladder, and in between if a golden ball is received, it is further boosted up to 50,000x.

All the players only need one single bet to enter into the game. The game has 19 green, eight red and one golden ball in the machine. The game’s RTP is 99.59%, which puts it among the realms of online casino Blackjack that offers players one of the best returns to players.

The game uses a lottery machine to choose the bouncing balls to run the game. There is no limit on the number of players, as many can play simultaneously. The game has a broad betting range; hence, it is suitable for all types, i.e., those willing to go all out or those who like to play with low stakes.

Play Cash or Crash Live at Cricbaba Live Casino

How to Play Cash or Crash At Cricbaba?

To play Cash or Crash Live, any player has to go to Cricbaba Live casino to play the game. 

Those who are aware of live game shows should be familiarised with the mechanism since they are different from traditional slot games. 

Like any other online casino game, players will set up or log in to their account and then look for the game Cash or Crash Live. This can be done manually from the search bar or the drop-down menu and then finding the crash games section. 

After finding the game, the players can deposit the money they want and begin playing it. They can increase or cancel their bets by selecting the preferred buttons. 

Once the betting time has finished, the paytable changes into the monetary sums in which players will advance up the ladder.

If, for say, the first ball that pops up is green, that means players can move forward and up in the table. After this, the players decide if they want to continue and keep playing or if they want to bank half and play with the other half until the next ball is drawn.

The last option is to take all, meaning the players immediately remove all the money and exit the game. After this step, the players can no longer play the game but view it as a spectator.

Players can see other players’ decisions as well, which is showcased in percentages, and it might help players come to a decision.

If a red ball is drawn, then the game finishes.

Bet on Cash or Cash

The game is straightforward, and there are 20 seconds in every round for placing bets. Betting is also easy, and placers have to decide the amount. It is wise to bet at most 10% of the bankroll.

Cash or Crash Evolution gaming

Evolution Cash or Crash Live Game Features

One of the essential features Evolution Gaming came up with was giving Cash or Crash Live players more authority. It is similar to Crazy Time’s canon game, where players can control the cannon manually. Cash or Cash has a similar feature. Players are given complete control of the situation.

There are further multipliers that add more fun to this interactive live game show. Every round may end with a multiplier, with the first coming at 1x. If there is no red ball in the way, then it is all fine; as soon as the blimp stops, problems arise.

Cash of Crash is a mix of both strategy and gut feeling. Players must choose whether to cash out or leave something on the table. Players call all the shots.

Cash or Crash Bonus Rounds

Every game has different rounds and payouts, and when it comes to live game shows, there are various methods through which players can land bigger payouts. A few of these live shows have multiple stages, and every stage has a different reward. In some of these rounds, players can pay extra to move forward, but such is only the case with some games. Cash or Crash has two bonus rounds; let us understand them further.

Golden Ball Bonus Round

As discussed previously, the Golden Ball is the most important of the three and only appears once in a game. A golden ball is like an extra life, saving the players from the red ball when it appears. It works as a protective shield and helps players from crashing in case of a red ball, and players stay in the game.

The luck is doubled if the next ball that pops up is green because all the payouts in the ladder are increased.

Also, when a golden ball is drawn, the game automatically shifts to a quick mode and therein forward, it does not require the player to make any decisions until a red ball has been drawn. All players hope to get a few green balls while there is an extra protective layer as they get further up the ladder and get a higher payout before a red ball is drawn.

Cash or Crash End of the Game Round

Cash or Crash game is finished when a red ball pops up. Players also lose all the money if they have yet to select to take all or if they end up reaching the top of the ladder.

Cash or Crash Live casino game

Cash or Crash Payouts

There are no particular Cash or Crash payouts yet. However, players can guess it from the multipliers range of 1.2x to 12x. It is also possible to combine the multipliers before the game is finished.

The game’s minimum bet is $0.10 per spin and goes up to $1,000. This shows that the game is quite flexible, and different levels of masses can play it. However, the high rollers who want to spend more have a cap.

Let’s review the Cash or Crash payouts table to understand what level pays how much.

Paytable Level Payout before the broken shield Payout after the broken shield
1 1.2x 1.2x
2 1.6x 1.7x
3 2x 2.2x
4 2.7x 3.1x
5 3.6x 4x
6 5x 5.6x
7 7.1x 8x
8 10x 10.5x
9 15x 16x
10 21.5x 24x
11 33x 36x
12 54x 62x
13 95x 105x
14 160x 175x
15 310x 360x
16 550x 760x
17 1220x 1500x
18 2900x 4000x
19 6800x 11000x
20 18000x 50000x
Play Cash or Crash Live at Cricbaba Live Casino


Cash or Crash Live has an RTP of 99.59%. That means that the game is highly volatile. This is one of the highest returning live game shows by Evolution Gaming. It is for those players who are willing to take the risks. If players play carefully and cash out their wins, they can earn much in the long run.

Evolution Cash or Crash Live

Cash or Crash Strategies

To implement Cash or Crash strategies, players have to make three decisions. All of the strategies revolve around which decision to take. Since the game’s RTP is exceptionally high, the odds are 50/50.

If players think about the given options, they will be evenly at 33%, which would say take all, 33% for half, and 33% to continue. That is simple mathematics. A long-term win/lose rate of just shy of 50% is expected based on the number of cycles of ball picks.

The players decide what option to take according to their advancement up the ladder, how many balls have been drawn and how many remain, whether a Golden Ball has been drawn, and how much risk they are willing to take.

The last item is where all the risky players wait for the big win. In games like these, Evolution makes the most money. The game is filled with frequent ups and downs, and some massive wins follow frequent small wins.

Bag a profit is the most simple strategy in the game; players are expected to cash out when they see a green ball. A return of 1.2x is added to the bet, and there is no risk. Although it is the most boring way to play the game, in this way, players can get constant returns.

This is where the RTP 99.59% came from.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget is essential for online gaming; all players should have a figure in mind. Players who gamble regularly should follow this procedure even more seriously.

Having a clear budget in mind even before starting the game can prevent many things, such as players can save themselves from incurring significant losses. If they run over their budget, they should call it a day rather than trying to recover it.

Golden Ball Strategy

This strategy only works if the players get the golden ball early. If it is not the first ball drawn, players should use the take half or take all strategy to get some profit. If a golden ball pops up right after a green ball, then they should wait and let the fast play complete before coming to a decision.

Responsible Gambling

After learning all the above safety tips, this one goes without saying. All players should gamble responsibly. This is advised in every casino, and most players skip that part, but there is a reason why it is mentioned repeatedly.

People often get carried away and take steps that are not needed, i.e., keeping their valuables in place of a bet. Hence, it is always advised to gamble responsibly.


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