Lightning Dice at Cricbaba Casino

Live Lightning Dice is a casino game created by Evolution Gaming on June 1st, 2019. The game has a decent RTP from 96.03% to 96.21%. Players who know and love the game Lightning Roulette would love Lightning Dice because of its lightning feature. The game is simple and available to play 24/7 at Cricbaba Casino.

Lightning Dice Overview

Lighting Dice has 16 spots that are numbered from three to 18. In every spin of the dice, the players will place their bets, and if they guess the correct spot correctly, they are declared the winner for that round.

As soon as the betting phase is finished, three dice are rolled, and the value of these dice comes up. The sum of the value of these dice will be anywhere from three to 18. Specific numbers have a chance of appearing more than other numbers.

Live Lightning Dice live casino game

How To Play Lightning Dice at Cricbaba Casino?

After following these steps, the players can adjust and quickly learn how to play Lightning Dice at Cricbaba Casino.

  • Register or create an account on Cricbaba Casino. This is the most mandatory step on any casino platform, as players can only play anywhere with an authentic account.
  • Moving on, depositing money is the next step in the process. After creating an account, what should a player do before playing a game to win money? Deposit a certain sum of money to start their account. After depositing money, all players can comfortably begin playing the game.
  • Then comes the bit where the players must search for the game. In this instance, they must look for Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming. They can search for the game from the live casino’s tab or manually search it from the search option.
  • Last but not least is playing the game. The player went through all of the above steps to get to this position, open up the game and start playing it.

The game’s rules are simple, and players place a bet on the total sum of three rolled dice. Players must bet on the outcome of unlimited sums before rolling the dice.

The lightning process only begins after the bets are made. The live presenter plays the dice; the special effects are spot on as the camera zooms in, focusing on what side the dice rolls over to.

Lightning Dice live casino

Lightning Dice Features

The Lightning Dice live casino game has taken the idea of a dice game to a new level. The game offers players a different live gaming experience and an excellent user interface.

In the game, players are supposed to place their bets on specific numbers or bet on all, which can be done by clicking the bet on all button. With this, players will place their bets on all 16 bet spots. It is already a fast-paced game, and doing it this way will make things go faster. However, betting on only some of the bets will not increase the chances of winning.

Yet another bonus feature of this game is the lightning effect that is there figuratively. As soon as the betting timer has finished, lightning strikes on any numbers, supplying a multiplier up to 1000x.

Lightning Dice Game Rules

Lightning Dice is live-streamed from Latvia and is amongst the top Evolution Gaming games. The game has extra lightning features, which become more intense once the dice are dropped. The game also has live dealers that are highly trained and bring a better experience to the game.

All the players place their money on bets by selecting the total sum of three dice thrown by the presenter. The game has 16 possible outcomes from three to 18. Players can choose specific numbers or place their bets on all of them by clicking the bet on all buttons.

In this process, the selected numbers are then given random multipliers. With every strike, the multiplier increases and can go up to 1000x. The betting phase finishes by pressing a switch on the wall, and the dealer throws it in the Perspex maze.

After the betting has finished, the lightning process starts. The presenter then plays the dice, and the camera zooms in on the dice. The zoom-in feature shows what the winning number is.

Lightning Dice Multipliers

Every game has different multipliers, and the final payout depends on what kind of multipliers the player gets during the game’s process. Let us look at the in-game Lightning Dice multipliers:

  • Three and 18, the multiplier is 149:1 to 999:1.
  • Four and 17, the multiplier is 49:1 to 499:1.
  • Five and 16, is 24:1 to 249:1.
  • Six and 15 range from 14:1 to 99:1.
  • Seven and 14 are from 9:1 and 99:1.
  • Eight and 13 are 6:1 and 49:1.
  • Nine and 12 is 5:1 and 49:1.
  • And at the end, 10 and 11 have multipliers ranging from 4:1 to 49:1.

Lightning Dice Symbols

Usually, traditional slot games have a bunch of symbols in them, and when it comes to live casino games, there are fewer symbols. However, let us look at what the symbols in the game can be.

Lightning Bolt: This is the most critical symbol in the game and represents all the random strikes that happen, which bring the multipliers with them.

Dice symbol: Another vital symbol representing all the numbers used to create a winning sum.

Lightning Dice live casino game by Evolution Gaming

Lightning Dice Casino Game Payouts

Every game has a different payout scheme, and all the players should be aware of the payouts because that is what they are playing for. Let us look at the payouts in the game:

  • Three and 18 have a payout of 149:1.
  • Four and 17 have a payout of 49:1.
  • Five and 16 is 24:1.
  • Six and 15, the payout is 14:1.
  • Seven and 14, the payout ratio is 9:1.
  • Eight and 13, the payout is 6:1.
  • Nine and 12, the payout is 5:1.
  • And at the end, 10 and 11 have the lowest payout of 4:1.

Lightning Dice RTP

Every game has a different Return to Player rate, influencing what players will get in the long run. The game has an RTP of 96.03% to 96.21 %, depending on what the players bet.

Evolution Lightning Dice paytable

Lightning Dice Tips & Tricks

To get the best game experience, developing some Lightning Dice strategy is essential to maximise the winning potential. It is important to understand the game’s mechanism instead of wasting the bids. Although there is no winning strategy, players can use a few tricks and tips to enhance their winnings.

It goes without saying, and the best tip would be to bet on the most probable outcomes. Some combinations have chances of getting more probabilities in comparison to others. The reason is that the dice can be planned to get specific numbers. This trick involves the least risk, although the payout is also manageable.

The chances of getting a low or high number are 50%. To increase the winnings, players must place their bets on these ranges. With this, they can hope to win at least half the time.

Average results also show that three and 18 are the least common but, at the same time, can be highly advantageous. Hence, players are required to keep betting on these numbers. The winning bet will be multiplied by 150x, so making a substantial wager is unnecessary. Apart from this, there are also chances of getting an even better payout if there is a lightning strike before the rolling of the dice.

Another trick is to choose five numbers that can occur the most or a player’s favourite five digits. Start betting with the minimum betting amount on all of those five numbers, which is $0.20. Slowly increase the bet in every round so the betting amount in the next phase will be $0.40.

If lightning strikes, players are required to end the session; however, if no lightning strike is witnessed in the next ten rounds, players should use a different trick.

Understand Gameplay

Before starting any new game, it is essential to understand the gameplay and rules of that particular game. Players are required to get the maximum performance and earn more money.

Players need to familiarise themselves with the gameplay; if they do, they can earn money. Everyone gambles to make more money, and the payout can be disappointing if the players are not well-versed in the game.

Managing Your Bankroll

The golden rule of any online gambling game is to secure the bankroll. No one is going to do that apart from the player itself. Knowing how much money a player will use in one session is crucial, and they must stick to that.

Players should not get greedy and hope to earn more after they have had some wins that day. Despite the win or the loss, they should stay within the said amount for that day to help themselves keep their money safe.

Do not let the addiction take advantage and force a player to spend more.

Making Wise Bets

This bit is correlated to managing the bankroll section, and players should choose where to bet very wisely. This is not a demo version, and there are no retries; once the money is gone, it’s gone forever, as everyone signed up voluntarily to play a specific game. Beforehand, learning the game’s rules and regulations is a must so players can perform better.

Capitalising On Bonus Features

It is essential to make the most of the bonus features given in a game because they are there for a reason, and ignoring them will certainly not help the players.

Regarding bonus features, every game has a different feature, and a player needs to understand the gameplay and then implement those features in the game.

Speaking of Lightning Dice, the unique features are betting on all options at once through the click of one button.

Lightning Dice Live dealer

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