Crazy Coin Flip at Cricbaba Casino

A live game show called Crazy Coin Flip by Evolution Gaming is one of the casino industry’s leading live game shows. The game was launched on 27th June 2022 and is available on most online casino platforms.

The Crazy Coin Flip Live is an adaption from the bonus round of Crazy Time called Coin Flip. The bonus round became so popular that Evolution had to give it a game. It is undoubtedly one of the craziest coin flip game players will come around.

Crazy Coin Flip Live has three rounds that finish with the final coin flip phase:

  • First qualification phase- Works on a five-reel slot, and players aim to qualify for the final coin flip.
  • Multiplier top-up phase- This optional phase is played to enhance the multipliers.
  • Coin flip phase- The host turns the coin flip machine and determines the result.

The choice of casino games at Cricbaba Casino is diverse and Crazy Coin Flip is just one of the hundreds games to play for real money there.

Overview Of Crazy Coin Flip

Crazy Coin Flip is a game where the result depends on a coin toss. The game’s first stages are about qualifying for the final coin flip. However, it is about building up a multiplier for the final payment.

The more one spends in the game, the bigger the potential return.

play Live Crazy Coin Flip

Crazy Coin Flip Game Features

To play a Crazy Coin Flip, the three different stages of the game should be understood. A qualification phase, a multiplier top-up phase and the final crazy coin flip game. In the qualifying phase, the player has to get three or more scatter symbols to progress through the bonus round.

The against-the-clock top-up phase comes as a bonus round where the opportunity is given to enhance the multiplier.

The ultimate highlight is the Crazy Coin Flip live performed by a host.

Rounds & Modes

The game starts with a qualifying phase, using a simple five-reel, three-lined slot with colourful coin symbols. Slots have seven different symbols, with various payouts in each reel. Furthermore, there is also a Crazy Coin Flip scatter symbol present on each reel.

Qualifying Phase

If, by chance, three or more scatter symbols come in one spin, the player is automatically qualified for the crazy coin flip round. Sometimes, the scatter symbols have multipliers attached to them; if they happen to come in the qualifying round, they carry over and apply to the final multiplier.

The game also offers three different spin options for those who want to qualify faster for the crazy coin flip.

  • Standard spin- As the name suggests, this is a regular spin with the bet amount.
  • XXXtreme spin- This mode increases the bet value by five times and guarantees that a scatter symbol will land on every spin.
  • Super XXXtreme spin- In this mode, the initial bet is multiplied by 50 and guarantees that two scatter symbols will land in every spin.

The second and third options come at a higher cost but have proved to be a faster way of meeting the qualification criteria.

Play Crazy Coin Flip Live at Cricbaba Live Casino

Multiplayer Top-Up Phase

If three scatter symbols come in one spin by the player, then they are naturally advanced to the Crazy Coin Flip stage, and they also get to play the top-up phase.

There is limited time to win the multipliers in this round, as it is a race against the clock. If the player joins the game when the time ends, they can stay and play again or move forward.

This race against the clock phase uses three-wheel and three-row slots. The reels are in red and blue, each with a multiplier value. To win a line with three of the same colour symbols is required by the participant, while the multipliers on the symbols add up to give a final calculation.

To opt out of this phase, let the clock run out and rely on the player’s assigned multiplier to the coin.

Crazy Coin Flip Phase

In the final part of the game, if the players have made it this far, they are not going home empty-handed. The round is simple and is decided on the flip of a coin; wherever it lands, it will be paid.

The two sides, blue and red, have an assigned multiplier value between five and 100. A live presenter plays this round, and before they move forward, the multipliers from previous rounds are calculated and displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The initial, top-up, and scatter multipliers are considered to calculate the final payout amounts. The crazy coin flip is activated, and the side facing upwards is declared the winner when it lands.

The final prize comprises the initial bet value multiplied by the multipliers in this round.


Every game has different multipliers through which the final amount of the game is determined. Crazy Coin Flip has different multipliers for its various stages, so let us understand each multiplier for each stage.

  • Base game multiplier: They range from one to five times the value of your bet. A few bonus phases in this round offer five times the value of the bet, and one even offers up to 50 times the bet value.
  • Top-up round multiplier: This round can range from one to 30 times the bet value.
  • Crazy coin flip: Multipliers accumulated from the base game and the top-round phase are calculated and shown at the bottom of the screen. They are then further added to whichever side the coin flips to.


The Crazy Coin Flip studio looks immaculate with a carnival vibe attached to it with golden and red colours. The slot’s appearance is simple, which is what makes it better.


The game has multiple sounds, from the catchy, energetic soundtrack to the cheering of the crowds. With all of this going on, there is also the sound of the host, alongside their commentary on the game. Apart from this, there is also a chiming or clicking sound of the betting.

Crazy Coin Flip Evolution live casino

Crazy Coin Flip Payouts

Every game has different payouts, especially Crazy Coin Flip, which has multiple stages, which means the game will have numerous payouts for each stage. So let us dive into what the payouts for the game are alongside what helps make those payouts, i.e. the RTP and volatility of the game.

RTP & Volatility

Every mode has different RTP’s:

  • XXXtreme bet- 96%
  • Super XXXtreme bet- 96.05%
  • Top-up bet- 95.06%

The game has a high volatility.

Play Crazy Coin Flip Live at Cricbaba Live Casino

Minimum & Maximum Bets

Cricbaba Casino’s Crazy Coin Flip offers bets from as low as ₹10, and if the player feels confident and adventurous enough, they can go up to ₹10,000.


The Crazy Coin Flip at Cricbaba Casino can lead to some exciting payouts. They range from five times the initial bet in the base game phase to 30 times in the multiplier rounds.

The final round is the sum of the base phase and multiplier round, also clubbed with whichever colour the coin lands upon. For example, a bet of ₹10,000 combined with 20x, along with the coin landing on the colour of the player’s choice, would equate to ₹400,000.

Crazy Coin Flip Live game online

How To Play Crazy Coin Flip At Cricbaba Casino

Head over to Cricbaba Casino and log on or sign up to create a new account while existing users can log in. Always remember to gamble responsibly and follow any age restrictions.

To find the game, head over to the live casino section on the website, find Evolution Gaming in the tab and then click Crazy Coin Flip. Alternatively, players can also use the search tab.

Crazy Coin Flip Strategies

The primary purpose of this game is to win more than the bet to the point where the player reaches the final coin flip. It is impossible to win significant amounts even after getting the last spin if the player does not win scatter multipliers.

Levelling up and qualifying to further rounds in this game comes at a cost. If, by chance, the sum invested by the player turns out to be less than the final multiplier, they will eventually lose the game.

Decision-Making Tips

Whatever the wager is, if the player receives any multiplier on it, they should be happy, as that means they are doing well.

  • The Crazy Coin Flip at the end will be in two colours, valued between five and 100x. The contestant would need to win multipliers in the top-up phase to win an actual amount of money.
  • In the top-up phase, the players are not required to bet high amounts if they have already bet higher in the previous rounds.
  • It is also not required to bet considerable amounts in the top-up phase if there is a scatter multiplier in a final coin flip.
  • If the bet was negligible during the qualifying phase, then the player can increase the bet in the top-up phase to receive higher multipliers.

Tips For Playing With Big Bets

  • Let’s start with the bankroll ₹12500 and betting ₹50 on each spin. The bankroll will finish in 250 spins if the player fails to win. Although it is most likely that they will get 400 spins.
  • On average, it would take between 100 and 200 spins to qualify. That leaves the bankroll at ₹1000. To break even, they will need a 50x multiplier.
  • Leave the top-up bet as is. If the player still wants it, then it should be relatively small. If 10 bets of ₹100 are made and a 10x multiplier on each side, the player will still need a 52x multiplier to break even.

Crazy coin Flip Evolution

Tips For Playing With Small Bets

  • Let’s start with a ₹2500 bankroll.
  • Betting ₹10 per spin.  Once again, on average, it could take somewhere between 100 and 200 spins to proceed forward.
  • The bankroll left is ₹2000, and now a multiplier of 50x is needed to break even.
  • In the top-up phase, the player can increase the bets to ₹50 per bet and spin 10 times.
  • The bankroll is ₹1500, and 100x is needed to break even. If the player has 10x multipliers on each side in this phase, then they need the presenter to give a multiplier of 90x on each side.

Utilising Modes

  • Standard spin: It is a typical spin and is the safest among the three modes.
  • XXXtreme spin: It costs about five times the regular stake but, at the same time, guarantees one scatter symbol per spin.
  • SuperXXXtreme spin: It will cost about 50x the regular stake but, in return, will offer two scatter symbols on every spin and also offer more multipliers.

Bankroll Management

As a player, taking care of the bankroll is essential. When gambling, it is best not to overdo a set budget and stick to whatever the plan was before starting the game. Greed can make people make rash decisions. Try to avoid that and have a great game.

Responsible Gambling

After learning all the above safety tips, this one goes without saying. All players should gamble responsibly. This is advised in every casino, and most players skip that part, but there is a reason why it is mentioned repeatedly.

People often get carried away and take steps that are not needed, i.e., keeping their valuables in place of a bet. Hence, it is always advised to gamble responsibly.


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