Dead or Alive Saloon at Cricbaba Casino

It’s time to return to the Wild West with Evolution Gaming‘s Dead or Alive Saloon. The game is fun, easy to play and offers huge payouts. All individuals place their bets on a specific card or suit and then watch the game run. A live presenter plays the game and finishes if the presenter brings out a standard playing card.

The game is full of suspense at any time; it could be a regular card that can end it. It could also be a bonus card with a multiplier; a bounty card would be the best.

There is also a feature of a bounty card, and people who are really lucky get the chance to get this bounty card and then be a part of this bounty event. Bounty event helps players increase their multipliers, and it all adds up in the end, giving a final payout.

The game also has a Western look, and even the live presenters are dressed like that to give the game a more iconic feel.

Dead or Alive Saloon Overview

Dead or Alive Saloon Evolution

Yet another live casino game by one of the best software in the industry, Evolution Gaming’s Dead Or Alive Saloon. The way to earn money in this game is through the multipliers assigned to the players if they identify the right card before the live dealer reveals it.

The game is inspired by NetEnt slot’s Dead or Alive, which came with a Western-style slot theme. Dead or Alive Saloon is simple and offers players big multipliers.

The game’s rules are quite straightforward to understand and are very similar to any other live card game. It starts with a standard deck of 52 regular and 52 bonus cards. The final prize or the payout is determined by what multipliers the players end up with when the cards are revealed. Once the playing card shows up, the game ends then and there.

Dead or Alive Saloon works similarly to a standard roulette game. In roulette, players have to guess in which pocket the ball is going to end up, while in Dead or Alive Saloon, players have to guess the right card.

What Games are Similar to Dead Or Alive Saloon?

When it comes to live casino games, many games in the world already exist and use gameplay similar to Dead Or Alive Saloon. So without wasting any time let us look at some other live casino games at Cricbaba Casino that might interest other players who are not impressed by the Wild West theme.

Live casino games:

  • Crazy Time Live Game Show: Another live casino game by Evolution with a giant wheel and a live presenter offering big prizes.
  • Lightning Dice: Similar to Dead or Alive Saloon, this game uses dice instead of cards.
  • Monopoly Live: Inspired by the famous family board game Monopoly, it features multiplier and bonus rounds.

These are just a few from the extensive Evolution Gaming collection.

How to Play Dead or Alive Saloon at Cricbaba?

When playing any online live casino game, it is essential to find the right casino. Every casino has their way of dealing with things; not every player might connect with that policy. But here at Cricbaba Casinos can find and play the game by following these easy steps.

  • First and foremost, new players can go over and create or register for an account at Cricbaba Casino. No online casino allows players to play on their platform without creating any account. Hence, all players must have an account to play any game. After creating an account, they can move on to the next step.
  • Then comes the step to deposit the money. All players must submit a certain amount of money to start playing these games on Cricbaba. Deposition also makes sure the player is legit and wants to play. If they do not have a method to deposit, how are they supposed to take out the money if they won any hence, it is indispensable.
  • Then comes the step to look for the game. Players can jump over to the live casino section and type the game they are looking for in this case, it is Dead Or Alive Saloon.
  • The last step is to find the game and enjoy it. Play the game to earn money and walk away home with big payouts.
Play Dead or Alive Saloon at Cricbaba Casino

Dead or Alive Saloon Game Rules

Dead Or Alive Saloon game has simple rules and is much like any other live card game. All players play individually; and a standard deck of 52 cards is used, and a deck of 52 bonus cards is used. The live presenter then starts giving the cards out and places them face up on the table. As soon as the usual card pops up, the game ends.

The player’s goal is to identify which regular card comes out first. All individuals can make their bets on either suits or one particular card. The base payout in the game is 20x and is visible after every round.

A usual deck of 52 playing cards, with 52 bonus cards consisting of three double cards, six bounty cards, 20 multiplier 20x cards, 19 multiplier 30x cards, three 50x multiplier cards and one 100x multiplier card. The dealer starts the game by putting the cards face up after finishing the betting time.

A bonus card with any multiplier of 20x,30x,50x and 100x are drawn then that multiplier value gets added to the initial win amount, i.e. initial potential win 20x+ 20x bonus card = 40x win amount.

In case of a double, then the potential win amount is doubled. The round will finish as soon as a regular playing card is drawn. Players will only win if they guess the correct playing card drawn first.

If a bounty card is drawn in a round, then the players enter the bounty hunt event. Players will be given three targets with different multipliers attached to them. Select the target and shoot.

Dead or Alive Saloon Live Evolution Gaming

Features Of Dead or Alive Saloon

Every game has a bunch of features, and because of those features, players are attracted to a game. Dead Or Alive Saloon also has a ton of features. However, the game has a fun bonus round to improve the player’s gaming experience.

As mentioned, the game has a deck of 52 standard playing cards, with 52 bonus cards consisting of three double cards, six bounty cards, 20 multiplier 20x cards, 19 multiplier 30x cards, three 50x multiplier cards and one 100x multiplier card.

The bonus round can be reached by achieving six bounty cards. The round will begin when the player gets the desired number of cards. In the round, a wooden plank has three wanted posters attached. Each of the three posters is a target that has a multiplier value attached to it. Players have to aim and shoot.

There is also a poster that then shows what multipliers a player ends up with. Since the bounty round is in the hands of the players, every player gets different bonuses.

Dead or Alive Saloon Bonus Cards

Dead or Alive Saloon has a deck of 52 traditional cards and 52 bonus cards. So, let us review what the bonus cards offer in the game.

There are multiplier cards from 20x,30x,50x, and 100x. There is also a double-value card that doubles the player’s win potential. Then come the bounty cards that help unlock the special bounty event.

The 52 bonus cards consist of three double cards, six bounty cards, 20 multiplier 20x cards, 19 multiplier 30x cards, three 50x multiplier cards and one 100x multiplier card.

Dead or Alive Saloon Strategy

Dead or Alive Saloon Payouts

Both the gameplay and payout are unique—the wins in the game range from 20x to 2000x. Meanwhile, the maximum win in Dead or Alive Saloon is €500,000. A wide betting range starts from €0.1 to €1,000.

The game has a payout ratio of 19-1999:1. The game has a house edge of just below 3%. Usually, it is 2.98%. No matter how many cards a player bets, it will not change.

The only thing confirming a player’s winning is the amount of bonus cards they draw before the round ends.

Play Dead or Alive Saloon at Cricbaba Casino

Dead or Alive Saloon RTP

Dead or Alive Saloon offers an RTP of 97.02%, similar to Roulette’s.

Dead or Alive Saloon Evolution deck of cards

Dead or Alive Saloon Strategies

Although the game is based on luck, there are some things through which players can come up with a Dead or Alive Saloon strategy. What players can do is increase their odds of winning; they should start betting on cards that have higher bets.

This will increase the potential payout if that very card is drawn and, at the same time, means that the bet will spread between fewer cards; hence, the chance of guessing goes down.

Players are taking higher risks by aiming for cards with higher bets to get a better reward. When looking at this strategy it is only good for those players that do no mind the high risk because there are chances of getting lower wins.

There is another strategy that players can implement in the game: to bet across various cards but with lower bets; now, this increases the players’ odds of guessing the correct card but lowers the payout. By doing this, players reduce their risks and increase their chances of finding the right card. This strategy is for those who are playing with minimal risk.

Those who are doing high-risk, manoeuvres should be aware of their bankroll. It is essential to begin with a budget and stick to it, despite the game’s high payout. This trick will help the players in the long run.

When it comes to gambling there is always a risk involved hence players should come with a strategy of some sort in order to go away with the maximum payout.

Ultimately, this game depends on a lot of luck, so a specific strategy cannot guarantee a win. However, every player can improve his chances of winning by considering the abovementioned points, which will also give him a better experience when he plays it.

In conclusion, the game is unique and offers the players a thrilling experience; with its wild west theme and big payouts, it has amassed many players. Always remember that they may seem similar, but Dead or Alive Saloon is different from other live casino games, and hence, players should advise a winning strategy when playing the game.

It is also necessary to understand the types of bonus cards and other factors, i.e. how many bonus cards are left in the deck, budget, etc.

Set a Budget

Before playing any casino game, it is really necessary for a player to have an estimated budget in their mind. No matter what the bankroll is, a player should know what they are playing with on that certain day.

Having set a budget, players should avoid crossing it and stick to that specific budget. In the long run, it will help all the players. Even though there has a spree of victories that day, once the budget is crossed players should stop playing the game.

Check the Paytable

Players need to look over the paytable before playing any new or old game. The paytable determines what the payout for a multiplier is and the odds for it. Every game has a different payout system, briefly mentioned in the table.

Many games have a lot of symbols in them, especially slots, so all the symbols have different payouts to them. So it is essential to check that as well.

Know the Rules

Now, although it is only a live card game, it is essential to know the rules of the game. Every game has a different way of running things, and players have to follow the procedures no matter how they are running.

All games have different stages and bonus features, which makes them unique. These bonus features or bonus rounds have different rules to run the game. It is essential for a player to be well-versed with those rules in order to make the most of them in the game.

Play Responsibly

After all of the above steps, the last request for a player is to gamble responsibly. All those players who are gambling are above 18 and are not kids anymore hence, they are required to behave maturely. Players can quickly get addicted when it comes to gambling hence, even after winning, they should make the subsequent bets wisely.

The more an individual earns, the hungrier they become.


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