Peek Baccarat at Cricbaba Casino

Are you a Live Baccarat fan? Do you like the atmosphere and conviviality that the Live Casino offers? But are you ready for an extra edge of excitement, your influence on the game, and a chance of higher winnings? Then Peek Baccarat is a game you should try.

Read on for the rules and to learn what is different about Peek Baccarat from Evolution Gaming as well as at which online live casinos you can best play this new live game from Evolution.

How To Play Peek Baccarat at Cricbaba Casino?

Before we dive into Peek Baccarat rules, let us first explain to you how To Play Peek Baccarat at Cricbaba Casino. As a licensed and trustworthy online casino, Cricbaba Casino offers Evolution Gaming live casino games in its game library. To play Peek Baccarat at Cricbaba Casino, follow these steps:

  • Register an Account: Sign up on the Cricbaba Casino website by providing your details.
  • Make a Deposit: Fund your account using available payment methods like credit/debit cards, eWallets, Instant Banking or cryptocurrencies.
  • Claim Your Bonus: New players can claim the welcome bonus and use their bonus money on Live Casino Games like Peek Baccarat.
  • Search the game: Navigate to the live game lobby and use the search bar to find the game.
  • Place your bet: Place your bet on the player’s hand, the banker’s hand, or on a tie. After betting, the dealer will deal two face-down cards to the player and two face-down cards to himself.
  • Peek at the cards: You can peek at the closed cards by paying 20% ​​of your bet. You may look at between 1 and 4 cards, starting with the player cards.
  • Adjust your bet: After peeking, you will be allowed to adjust your bet.
  • Watch the outcome: The outcome of the game will be shown on your screen. If you win, your winnings will be paid out, otherwise your losses will be collected by the bank.
  • Cash Out Winnings: Withdraw your winnings via the “Cashier” section of the Cricbaba

Play Peek Baccarat Live at Cricbaba Live Casino

Key Highlights of Peek Baccarat

Peek Baccarat Live is a variation of the online Baccarat. Evolution Gaming has once again succeeded in bringing a nice variant to the market. The basis of Peek Baccarat is identical to the original variant. Peek Baccarat has been given a few nice extras. This makes playing even more exciting.

At Peek Baccarat, you get the chance to take a ‘peek’ or a ‘look’ at 1, 2, 3, or 4 cards. The live dealer or game presenter turns these cards over so you can ‘peek’ for a moment. If the cards are right for your bet, you get the chance to double or triple your bet. And then, fingers crossed for a good outcome in the end! This extra profit that you can achieve must of course be funded and the casino charges 20% of the bet for this. This functionality gives an exciting twist to the classic baccarat game.

Peek Baccarat live online

Betting Rules of Peek Baccarat

And now, what are the rules of Peek Baccarat? Baccarat will be a piece of cake for many players, but of course, not for novice players, and since we want to give you as complete information as possible in this article, we will also explain the purpose of the game and the rules of the game. And of course, we will look at what exactly is different with this new variant, the Peek Baccarat.

Let’s start with the Baccarat rules. The aim of Baccarat is for you to bet on the banker or the player who gets the highest number of points closest to 9. Then you win. You can also bet on a draw or tie, in which case both the player and the bank have the same number of points. The maximum number of points that can be achieved is 9, this is called a ‘grand natural’ and the least number of points is 0, so this is called a Baccarat. 8 points is also considered a ‘natural’ but a ‘petit’.

Peek Baccarat Evolution is the only Baccarat variant where you can still increase your bet after 1 or more cards have already been dealt. The dealer deals 2 cards to the player and to the bank, then turns over 1, 2, 3, or 4 cards and at that time you can increase your bet if the hand you bet on is the winning hand. After seeing the cards, you can double or triple your bet. Please note that you are not allowed to peek with a Tie-bet. The dealer then draws and opens the third card to see which hand has won.

As a player, you obviously benefit from seeing the cards and there must be something in return. That is a 20% fee of your bet, so you ‘buy’ the option to increase your bet after you have seen the cards.

Play Peek Baccarat Live at Cricbaba Live Casino

Evolution Peek Baccarat Payouts and Bets

The Return to Player of Peek Baccarat Live Game is 98.80% and can therefore be called decent. The minimum bet is 1 $ and the max bet is 10,000 $. These limits are indicated on the table itself so that you know them before you choose a table.

Evolution Peek Baccarat RTP

Evolution Gaming Peek Baccarat offers a Return to Player (RTP) percentage that varies depending on the type of bet. Below you will find an overview of all payouts of the normal Baccarat game and the paid fees. After paying the fee, the payout is only 0.83:1 on the Player Bet. This is one of the negative sides of Peek Baccarat. You do not have to pay a Peek Fee when you bet on Tie, Player Pair or Banker Pair. These payments will be exactly the same.

Bet Type Payout Payout after 20% Fee RTP
Player 1:1 0.83:1 98.80%
Banker 0.95:1 0.79:1 98.80%
Tie 8:1 8:1 93.36%
Player Pair 11:1 11:1 89.64%
Banker Pair 11:1 11:1 89.64%

Peek Baccarat live dealer

Playing Strategies for Peek Baccarat Live

Can you really achieve high profits with a Peek Baccarat Strategy? This is what seems to be promised, or at least that’s the impression we have. We conducted some research and found several tips that could potentially enhance your winnings in Peek Baccarat. If you’re interested in this, we recommend taking a look at our Peek Baccarat tips.

Understanding The Peek Rule

The Peek rule in Evolution Peek Baccarat offers a unique twist to traditional Baccarat gameplay. For a 20% fee, players can ‘peek’ at the cards before making their final bet. This feature provides a strategic advantage, allowing players to make more informed decisions based on the revealed card(s). However, remember that this additional insight comes at a cost, so use it judiciously to balance risk and potential reward.

Peek Baccarat online casino

Focus On Player Bets

Player bets in Peek Baccarat are the most favourable option due to their lower house edge. While they offer the same RTP, a 5% commission is taken from the winning Banker bets. This makes Player bets the best option in terms of payouts. Do not forget you need to pay the 20% fee for peeking at the cards. Therefore, the payout of Player Bets is 0.83:1, lower than the standard baccarat payouts.

Watch For Patterns

Many Baccarat players believe in observing patterns and trends in the game to guide their betting strategy. While each hand is independent, and past outcomes don’t influence future games, some players find value in tracking results to predict potential outcomes. However, always keep in mind that Baccarat is a game of chance, and to not solely depend on the game’s patterns.

Bankroll Management

Effective bankroll management is crucial for a sustainable and enjoyable gaming experience regardless of which game you are playing. Always set a budget for your gaming sessions and stick to it. It’s also advisable to bet only what you can afford to lose and avoid chasing losses. For this, you can set win and loss limits. This approach not only helps in managing your funds but also in making rational rather than emotional betting decisions.


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