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Are you ready for a new and refreshing online game and do you want to benefit from a high RTP? Then you should definitely try Plinko Game online. The online casino version of this American one is one of the most entertaining and compelling casino games we have played in a long time. Curious? Read all about Plinko below.

Overview of Plinko Game

plinko online casino game

Plinko from BGaming is a slightly different game than you may be used to. In contrast to traditional video slots, the provider is going in a completely different direction with Plinko Game. The casino game borrows its name from a game from the well-known game show ‘The Price is Right’.

In Plinko, a ball drops through a pyramid-shaped area and ends up in a spot with a certain value. Where the ball stops shows how much the player wins.

What Is Plinko Game?

The physical Plinko Game is played on a large board into which several nails have been hammered.

At the bottom of the board, you will find boxes with prizes. A disc is released from the top and bounces down over the nails and eventually ends up in one of the boxes. The player wins the prize corresponding to the box the disc landed in.

Plinko Online Game is very similar to the physical game, except that everything is of course, digital. The playing field consists of a blue screen that is initially largely empty. On the right side you see the Plinko Game board with the boxes with the possible wins under the triangle.

This is a provably fair game which means its fairness can be checked using blockchain technology. Players can see the results of each game round in a clear way, so they know the game is fair. This kind of openness is also seen in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, where every transaction is open and can be checked.

Plinko Game Special Features

Plinko is a simple game. The game is easy to understand and both novice players and experienced players can enjoy it. Here we explain step by step how playing this game works.

Rules of Plinko Game

Plinko Game features a triangular playing field, and it’s quite straightforward to play. The only symbol in the game is a pink ball, and everything needed to play is located right below and next to the field.

Once you launch Plinko Game Online Real Money in the casino, you can start playing immediately without any introductory animations. The default bet is set at €1, but you can easily change this by using the controls under the playing field, specifically below the play button.

When you hit the play button, the pink ball is released from the top into the field, descending through a maze-like path of pegs. The ball eventually lands in a slot with a value, which then determines your winnings.

There’s no need to wait for the ball to reach the bottom. You can click the play button as much as you like, and new balls will continue to drop. These balls are virtual and won’t affect each other, so there’s no need to worry about interference. Unfortunately, you can’t manually influence the ball’s path to increase your winnings. If clicking repeatedly becomes tiring, you can always opt for the Autoplay feature for a more hands-off experience.

Payouts of Plinko Game

In the Plinko Casino Game, you have the flexibility to select the number of paylines shown at the bottom of the triangular field. The default setting is 8 paylines, but you can increase this up to 16. This choice is one of the ways you can tailor the game to your preferences. The more rows you choose, the narrower the landing area for the ball at the base.

You also have control over the game’s risk level. Choosing a low risk means the potential profits are smaller, but the minimum payout is higher. For instance, with 9 paylines and low risk, you can win back at least 0.7 times your bet.

On the other hand, selecting the highest risk level means the least you can earn back is 0.2 times your stake. With 16 rows, there are even five slots offering this payout. And if you’re really lucky, you could win up to 1,000 times your stake – a pretty exciting prospect!

The options to adjust the number of winning lines are located to the right of the playing field. You can find the controls for setting your bet, choosing the risk level, and the play button at the bottom of the game screen.

Design & Theme

The theme of the Plinko game is based on the famous segment from the American TV game show, ‘The Price is Right.’ The main part of the game involves dropping a chip or a ball down a board with pegs, just like in the TV show. However, the game is more about the thrill of seeing where the ball lands and what you win, rather than telling a story.

How to Play Plinko Game at Cricbaba

how to play Plinko game at Cricbaba casino

Plinko Game is simple. The gameplay is easy to understand and both novice players and experienced players can enjoy it.

Here we explain step by step how playing this game works.

Register an Account at Cricbaba and Login

The first step to do in order to be able to play Plinko Game is to register a Cricbaba Casino account. After you confirm you registration, log into your Cricbaba Casino account and go to the casino lobby.

Learn Plinko Game Rules

Before you begin, it’s crucial to understand the Plinko Game Rules. As mentioned earlier, the game involves releasing a chip from the top of a vertical board, and it bounces off pegs until it lands in a prize slot at the bottom. The outcome is determined by chance, so there are no complex rules to master.

Choose Chip Quantity

Once you learned the game rules, you are ready to determine the bet. The stakes in this casino game are between €1 and €100 per ball. Each ball drops on the playing field costs this stake. Based on your bet, your winnings will be calculated. The boxes on the playing field have values ​​that are multiplied by the chosen bet. You win back at least a small portion of each of your bets.

Choose Drop Zone

In Plinko, the drop zone is where you release your chip from the top of the board. The higher the risk level, the higher the possible payout. The outer spaces of the Plinko Game playing field are worth more at a higher risk level. At the same time, the middle boxes are actually less valuable. The player chooses from a low, medium or high-risk level. The exact value of the squares on the playing field depends on the number of winning lines chosen and the chosen risk level.

Position For Chip Release

Once you’ve selected your drop zone, you’ll need to position your chip at the top of the board. Aim for a consistent and straight release to give your chip the best chance of traveling in the desired direction.

Release and Watch the Chip

Releasing your chip starts the anticipation. As the chip descends, it bounces off the pegs and takes its unique path. The ball falls into the playing field and ‘plinks’ between the pins of the pyramid until it finally disappears into one of the boxes at the bottom of the playing field. You can then immediately see how much the ball has yielded.

Play Plinko at Cricbaba Casino

Tips For Being Successful at Plinko Game

plinko game online

While Plinko Casino Game Real Money is primarily a game of chance, there are a few tips that can enhance your overall experience and potentially improve your results.

Know The Plinko Rules and Payouts

Before you start playing Plinko Game, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the game’s rules and potential payouts. The payouts largely depend on the strategy you use. You can change the number of paylines and the risk level, which changes the payout percentage and volatility of the game.

The higher the volatility of the game, the more risk you take. At the same time, with higher volatility the you have a chance of winning larger prizes than if you play with low volatility.

In addition, the paylines have a great influence on the payout percentage of the game. If you play with more paylines, the chances of the ball falling on a specific space are reduced. You thus have a chance to win higher prizes, but the chance that these prizes will be won is small.

Master Chip Placement

Although the chip’s path is mostly determined by chance, you can still aim for a consistent and accurate chip placement. Practice your release technique to ensure a smooth and straight drop. While this won’t guarantee a specific outcome, it can add an element of precision to your gameplay and make the experience more enjoyable.

Analyze Plinko Board Patterns

While Plinko Game is mostly based on chance, some players enjoy analyzing board patterns to see if they can spot any trends or tendencies. The placement of pegs on the board can create complex and unpredictable paths for the chip, but some may find it interesting to observe if certain areas of the board seem to have higher or lower frequency of wins.

Keep in mind that these patterns are often the result of random chance, and there are no foolproof strategies based on board analysis. It’s more of a fun observation than a reliable strategy.

Optimize Timing Techniques

Timing can play a role in Plinko Game, especially when it comes to releasing the chip. Some players believe that releasing the chip at a particular moment in the game can influence its trajectory. However, it’s important to remember that Plinko is primarily a game of chance, and the timing of your release is unlikely to have a significant impact on the outcome.

Choose Drop Zones Strategically

As mentioned earlier, you have the option to choose your drop zone in Plinko Game. While this doesn’t guarantee specific results, you can strategically select drop zones based on your preferences or previous experiences. Some players have their favourite drop zones based on their perceived luck. Feel free to explore different drop zones to see if any particular area of the board appeals to your intuition.

Adapt To Bounce and Friction

As the chip bounces off pegs In Plinko Game, it can change its trajectory in unexpected ways. Additionally, friction with the board and pegs can alter the chip’s speed. While you can’t control these variables directly, adapting to them can enhance your gameplay. Pay attention to how the chip behaves as it bounces and slides, and try to anticipate its path based on the angle and speed.

Utilize Bonuses and Promotions

Cricbaba Casino offer bonuses and promotions related to Plinko Game and other casino games. These bonuses can include free Plinko Game chips, extra game rounds, or deposit match offers. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on Plinko Game Casino bonuses as they can allow you to play more rounds, potentially increasing your chances of winning without additional costs.

However, always be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of any bonuses or promotions to make the most of them.

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