Super Andar Bahar at Cricbaba Casino

How does the thought of getting your bet multiplied by 4000 settle with you? If you find it lucrative, you should consider playing Super Andar Bahar. It is a game that has proven that even something simple can be a source of immense fun.

So, if that’s what you are looking for in a game, look no further. Here’s a detailed review of Super Andar Bahar, including tips on how to play it and increase your chances of winning. Check it out!

How to Play Super Andar Bahar at Cricbaba Casino?

how to play Super Andar Bahar game

If you want to play Andar Bahar Online, you should know that only top Online Casinos offer it. Cricbaba Casino is one of them, and this online casino and sports betting platform is known for its excellent gaming experience and incredible bonus offers. We will show you how to play this game at Cricbaba Casino step by step:

  • Go to Cricbaba Casino‘s official website
  • Register an account with the casino site to start playing
  • You should also deposit real money with some of the available deposit methods in India at Cricbaba. This step is obligatory since live casino games are only available in real money mode
  • Go to the search bar and type Super Andar Bahar to find the game on Cricbaba live casino lobby
  • Place your bet for Andar or Bahar only. You have 10 seconds to place your chips on an inside or outside bet
  • You can also consider betting on the side bets only or both
  • Betting time closes and between 1 and 5 boxes of outside bets can be boosted by multipliers of up to 4,000x
  • The dealer deals the first card, popularly known as the Joker card
  • The second card is for the Andar, whereas the third one is for the Bahar
  • Draws of the Andar and Bahar cards continue repetitively until there is a match for the Joker
  • The side that matches the Joker wins, and vice versa

Play Super Andar Bahar Live at Cricbaba Casino

Super Andar Bahar Game Features

Super Andar Bahar has several features that make it a standout game. The most important feature is of course the huge winning potential thanks to multipliers. Another notable aspect of the game is the inclusion of Hindi speaking croupiers. This means you will interact with dealers speaking their native language and run the game for added authenticity.

However, you can also play the game in English. Another important feature is the Super Andar Bahar game statistics, which provide valuable insights to form your Super Andar Bahar Strategy. The game is also known for its immersive gameplay, ensuring a thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish. Read on to discover more about the game rules.

Gameplay Rules

When playing the game at Cricbaba Casino, you will see a standard 52-card deck. From this deck, the croupier deals the first card. This card is also referred to as the Joker or the house card. It’s important to note that any of the 52 cards can be designated as the Joker in this game.

In addition to the Joker card, the game features two piles, one for Bahar and one for Andar. Your main goal as a player is to find a card that matches the Joker. The dealer draws one card at a time for each pile and continues to do so until a card matching the Joker is found in one of the piles. The pile that contains the matching card is declared the winner.

Evolution Super Andar Bahar offers the same gameplay and payouts for bets on Andar or Bahar as in the classic online Andar Bahar game. However, the difference in this game is in the side bets, which may come with huge multipliers. More on that below.

Super Andar Bahar Betting

Super Andar Bahar is a straightforward game that offers two betting options: Andar and Bahar. You also have a couple of side bet options, but you won’t be confused when you are playing Super Andar Bahar Evolution game.

Betting On Andar or Bahar

This is the main betting feature for Super Andar Bahar Live. There is the inside bet known as Andar and the outside known as Bahar. Remember that the side that matches the Joker card receives the winnings. The Andar bet will pay out 0.9:1, while a Bahar bet will yield 1:1.

Side Betting Options

The most notable aspect of this game is the side bets. In Super Andar Bahar, each side bet can receive a range of multipliers to increase the payouts. So here is an overview of the 10 side bets of the game and their regular and maximum winnings.

  • 1–5 cards – between 2x and 9x
  • 6–10 cards – between 3x and 14x
  • 11–15 cards – between 4x and 19x
  • 16–20 cards – between 5x and 29x
  • 21–25 cards – between 8x and 39x
  • 26–30 cards – between 12x and 59x
  • 31–35 cards – between 20x and 99x
  • 36–40 cards – between 40x and 199x
  • 41–45 cards – between 110x and 499x
  • 46–49 cards – between 800x and 3999x

The multipliers are random, and there are times when some side bets don’t receive a multiplier. If that’s the case, the regular payout applies. You will win a side bet if the number of cards drawn before a match is found for the Joker falls within the range you predicted.

Super Andar Bahar online

Super Andar Bahar Winning Strategies

You have understood that the Super Andar Bahar game is not that complicated to learn after all. To start your new experience in the best possible way, we still want to give you some tips and talk about some strategies that are worth trying since they increase your chances of winning.

Understand Game Rules

When it comes to betting, you must understand the game rules. Otherwise, how will you know the best decisions to make at any given point? Remember that every decision you make determines whether you lose or win.

Follow The First Card Deal

This is also among the best Andar Bahar Tips. It is no secret that the first card dealt is crucial to the game. This is the Joker card that determines the game’s winner. After all, Bahar or Andar must match it to win that round.

Use Bonuses and Promotions

A relief comes with betting with money that doesn’t come from your pocket. After all, even if you lose, there isn’t a loss per se since the money wasn’t yours to begin with. On the other hand, if you win, it will be a nice surprise. That’s why you should consider any promotion or bonus you can get your hands on before betting your hard-earned money.

Cricbaba Casino is a great platform for that as their generous welcome offer also applies to live casino games. If you register and accept the Cricbaba Welcome Bonus you will double your bankroll up to ₹25,000. This will help you to use relatively high stakes and possibly increase your chances of getting huge payouts.

Bet more on Andar than Bahar

This is another popular Andar Bahar Winning Strategy. You should consider betting on Andar rather than Bahar since its payout is relatively high. To be more specific, the Andar bet has a higher probability, with a 51.50% chance, simply because it is the first side to receive a card. On the other hand, the Bahar bet has a slightly lower probability, with 48.50%.

Play Small Bets

It would help if you never ignored the fact that this is a game of chance. So, there is a possibility of losing your bet. For this reason, it is advisable to play small bets to reduce the risks. It is enough to help you win big, but it won’t be a huge loss even if you lose.

That’s a summary of How To Win Andar Bahar in Casino. Although you can use these strategies and tricks to increase your chances of winning, Super Andar Bahar is still a game of chance.

Super Andar Bahar Evolution

Payouts of Super Andar Bahar

Various bets of Super Andar Bahar Live attract different payouts. Fortunately, here’s a summary to help you know the bets available in this game and their respective payouts.

Winning Bet Regular Payout Maximum Payout
Andar 0.9:1
Bahar 1:1
1-5 2:1 9:1
6-10 2:1 14:1
11-15 4:1 19:1
16-20 5:1 29:1
21-25 8:1 39:1
26-30 12:1 51:1
31-35 20:1 99:1
36-40 40:1 199:1
41-45 110:1 499:1
46-49 800:1 3,999:1

First, there are the Andar and the Bahar main bets that don’t receive any multiplier. As for the side bets, the payout increases as the card numbers increase. It explains why the first group has the lowest payout, whereas the last group has the highest. Multipliers enhance the payouts of the side bets even further.

Play Super Andar Bahar Live at Cricbaba Casino

Return to Player

Equally important, the return to the player also depends on the cards drawn. Depending on the winning cards, it usually ranges from 92.97% to 98.10%. Here is a summary of the different cards and their various RTPs. So, as you from your gaming strategy, remember the RTP values of each winning bet.

Winning Bet RTP
Andar 97.85%
Bahar 97.00%
1-5 94.87%
6-10 97.67%
11-15 92.97%
16-20 98.10%
21-25 94.53%
26-30 94.29%
31-35 94.84%
36-40 95.08%
41-45 94.84%
46-49 92.97%

The 16 to 20 cards have the highest RTP, 98.10%. On the other hand, the two groups of cards share the lowest RTP of 92.97%. These groups are 11 to 15 cards and 46 to 49 cards.

Game Statistics

Understanding the game’s trend is crucial, as this is where game statistics become relevant. The data can give you the insight you seek. The Game Statistics segment displays the results of the last 50 games. How you use this information as a player is entirely up to you.

It’s important to note that there is no proven correlation between the outcome of a particular round and the results of previous ones. Therefore think carefully before using this historical data to decide how to place your bets.

Super Andar Bahar live casino

Advantages And Disadvantages of Super Andar Bahar

Super Andar Bahar evolution game has various advantages and disadvantages, and they include the following;


  • Most of the bets have an impressive RTP
  • Potential payouts are fantastic thanks to the multipliers up to 4000x
  • The studio features Hindi speaking croupiers
  • The game is easy to play regardless of your level of experience
  • Convenient for high rollers with high max bet value


  • RTPs of some of its side bets are relatively low

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