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Sweet Bonanza Candyland by Pragmatic Play is among the best slot games ever created when considering candy games. However, this time, the creators of Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live have gone the extra mile and changed the concept of traditional slots to a live wheel casino game.

The money wheel in Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live Casino also presents players with a multiplier feature and two different bonus games. The big catch is the payout, which is up to €500,000.

Through blending physical and digital elements, Pragmatic Play can retain the essence of Sweet Bonanza’s sweet world. The setting of Sweet Bonanza Candyland is in a studio where everything is in bright colours, while the background has a candy landscape.

The game takes players into deep action because of its sound, dynamic lighting and animations that keep changing with the stages and events. Another interesting feature is that the game can be played 24/7 alongside live hosts.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland stats

At the centre studio sits the giant Sweet Bonanza Wheel that has 54 different segments on it. Different segments on the wheel represent other things. The majority on the wheel ranges from one, two, five and 10. Apart from that, there are two candy drop symbols, two sugar bomb symbols and one sweet spin symbol.

Like any other wheel game, players try to guess which segment the pointer will land upon and bet accordingly. The right thing eventually gives the player the prize.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live has a wide betting range; hence, players can bet from €0.2 to a maximum of €3000 every single spin. All players have about 18 seconds to decide their bets. The dealer then spins the wheel, and the outcome is determined afterwards.

The number symbols have a payout of 1:1 if it lands on one and 2:2 if it lands on two and it goes on the same way. A few bonus features also help players land even bigger multipliers.

How To Play Sweet Bonanza Candyland At Cricbaba Casino

When looking for an online casino game, looking for the right platform is essential. Cricbaba Casino is amongst the top players in India regarding live online casinos.

Players can log on or sign up and quickly search for the game. After completing the necessary details, players can start placing their bets and enjoy the game.

After going through all of these procedures, an important thing is understanding the game’s rules. So, let us learn how to play Sweet Bonanza Candyland.

Game Rules Of Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Sweet Bonanza Candyland is based on a big money wheel with 54 segments. Nine of which consist of different bonus games, while others have multipliers.

There are six possible ways to place a wager in the game, with the help of multipliers 1x,2x, and 5x, and the different bonus games, such as sweet spins, candy drops, and bubble surprises.

Players can select their chip amount from the options below and start betting.

To enable the sugar bomb booster, an option is available at the bottom of the player’s screen; after allowing that, the player multiplier is doubled when it stops on the sugar bomb bonus segment. Activating the bonus costs players 25% of the placed bet.

There are 18 seconds to decide the bet, and the game begins. Wherever the flapper at the top of the wheel stops, if that number is the player’s chosen number, it is multiplied to give a final sum.

As said earlier, nine segments on the wheel have bonuses attached to them. Of those nine, three are used to activate the sugar bombs, three for bubble surprises, and two for candy drops. The remaining segment is for sweet spins. If the wheel tends to stop on any of those segments, then the bonus game is played.

Players can play if any bets are placed on the bonus game. If not, then they can happily watch. The winnings are automatically paid after a bonus game, and the new round begins.

The game is always played with a live host, and they spin the wheel. Sweet Bonanza Candyland also has an auto-play feature through which players can keep playing the game while having a fixed stake.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland live online

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Special Features

The game has multiple things to offer when it comes to big prizes and multipliers. The nine bonus segments attached to the wheel are a game changer. When talking about the unique features of Sweet Bonanza Candyland, the first thing that stands out is the bonus games in the form of candy drops, sweet spins, sugar bombs and bubble surprises.

Apart from that, the game has six different ways to bet. Only a few live-wheel games have that many options. Not only that, but they have a wide betting range from €0.2 to a maximum of €3000 with every round. So, thrill seekers can bet the maximum amount with every spin.

The game also has HD streaming and is available 24/7. It also has a live host that creates the atmosphere for a game.

Play Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live at Cricbaba Live Casino

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Bonus Games

Compared to other wheel games, the speciality of Sweet Bonanza Candyland is the opportunity for many bonus games. They are like a power-up and can only be attained if players buy them. It gives an extra edge to the players who purchase these features.

Let us look over and understand a few bonus games of Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live.

Candy Drop

In the candy drop bonus round, players pick either of the three coloured candies.

The candies drop one after another and form a four-row maze filled with multiplier symbols. Then, the candy collects the falling multipliers through the labyrinth, accumulating the total multiplier at the bottom. Thus, the multiplier for the candy is the player’s payout.

All the way down is a purple box; if the candy drops there, the players will get a 1000x multiplier.

Sweet Spins

The sweet spin round is played on a 6×5 slot screen that implements a tumbling action instead of spinning on the reel.

This bonus round begins with 10 spins, and they can be further boosted with extra spins if three or more lollypops appear on the reel. There are also multiplier sugar bombs present on the screen that multiply a player’s win if eight or more symbols come from the grid.

This round holds the most significant potential for big wins when there are no more tumbles and spin finishes.

The Sugar Bomb

The sugar bomb bonus round will select a random multiplier from 2x to 10x, which then will apply to all the betting positions mentioned on the wheel. Then, the wheel is spun by the dealer; if it stops on any segment with the active wager, players get the enhanced payout.

This multiplier can also apply to other bonus segments. If the wheel for a player lands on a bonus segment, then the final round’s results get multiplied by it.

If any player has already paid for the optional bomb boost, then the sugar bomb multiplier will be double in value. The maximum multiplier that can come to a number with a boost is 200x and can only come to number 10, which is the biggest.

Bubble Surprise

The bubble surprise bonus round consists of one reel alongside five symbols. This slot has a spinning wheel; wherever it stops, that is the prize.

The possible outcomes are:

  • Blue Candy has a 5x payout
  • Purple candy gives a 10x payout
  • Red Heart Candy gives a 25x payout
  • The sweet spin symbol triggers the sweet spin bonus round
  • The candy drop symbol initiates the candy drop bonus round

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Pragmatic Play

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Casino Game Payouts And Bets

Every game has a different payout and betting scheme, which is essential to understand before playing. Players should be aware of what they place their money upon and what they get in return.

There are six different betting options in the game, and now let us look at their payouts:

  • Numbers: Numbers range from one to 10. The pay range is from 1:1 to 10:1. The higher the number, the bigger the payout. The payout for every number straight-up corresponds to their value.
  • Multipliers: If a player lands on 2x, 5x or 10x, then it is multiplied by the bet. For say, if a player lands on 10x, the bet is multiplied by 10x.

Bonus Rounds:

  • Sugar Bomb: The payout is 2x alongside a random multiplier on the successive win.
  • Candy Drop: The final prize is 1000x; however, it depends on the chosen candy path and if any multiplier is collected.
  • Sweet Spin: The payout is predicted by any winning combination gathered by free spin reels or a sugar bomb multiplier.
  • Bubble Surprise: It depends on what candy the player ends up with.

Play Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live at Cricbaba Live Casino

Sweet Bonanza Candyland RTP

Sweet Bonanza Candyland offers an RTP of 96.95%, which is considered good.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Bets

The types of bets in the game are:

  • Numbers
  • Multiplier
  • Candy Drop
  • Sugar Bomb
  • Sweet Spin
  • Bubble Surprise

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Strategies

There is a simple Sweet Bonanza Candyland strategy, and it requires players to bet on the right section.

Maintaining the bankroll for a longer duration is essential while hoping to get into the bonus rounds. It is good to bet on number one and other bets that include all the bonus segments.

If the value of the wager placed on number one is enough, then if it wins, it will help cover the losses faced in other bets and give a profit. Number one statically appears the most on the wheel.

This will help the bankroll fluctuate; players can likely land a bonus round in that period.

Understand the Game Rules

Although the rules of Sweet Bonanza Candyland are straightforward, it is vital for all to at least go through them before starting the game. It has a few bonus rounds, which only some live game shows have, or even if they do, then they are not in such a way.

Usually, they are in different stages of the game. Hence, all players should go through the rules, including the payouts, types of bets and symbols in the game.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget is essential for online gaming; all players should have a figure in mind. Players who gamble regularly should follow this procedure even more seriously.

Having a clear budget in mind even before starting the game can prevent many things, such as players can save themselves from incurring significant losses. If they run over their budget, they should call it a day rather than trying to recover it.

Play for Fun

Yet another important thing is playing it for fun. Everyone knows that people gamble to earn money, and no one wants to lose more purposely, but it is always best when it’s kept healthy.

Addiction to anything is terrible, especially gambling. Henceforth, with the help of this Sweet Bonanza Candyland review, all players are expected to take this game lightly, enjoy it, and make the most money.

Responsible Gaming

After learning all the above safety tips, this one goes without saying. All players should gamble responsibly. This is advised in every casino, and most players skip that part, but there is a reason why it is mentioned repeatedly.

People often get carried away and take steps that are not needed, i.e., keeping their valuables in place of a bet. Hence, it is always advised to gamble responsibly.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland live casino

Other Live Games By Pragmatic Play to Play at Cricbaba Casino

Pragmatic Play has a plethora of games when it comes to the iGaming industry, and it has various themes as well. Apart from Sweet Bonanza Candyland, there are a few other live game shows:

  • Mega Wheel: Yet another spinning-the-wheel game with the hopes of getting big multipliers and chances of getting into a bonus round.
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?: Yes, adapted from the famous TV shows. The game in itself brings a lot of fanbase with it because of the already existing TV program.

These are a few from the vast collection of games by Pragmatic Play players can enjoy playing among the vast collection of casino games at Cricbaba Casino.


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