Top 10 Fastest Deliveries in the History of Indian Premier League

This is a topic that our team has wanted to work on for a while, but now feels like the right time because, first, food delivery company Swiggy has introduced a fastest ball award for every match, which keeps fans looking for the fastest ball every match, and the fact that Umran Malik of the Sunrisers Hyderabad and Lockie Ferguson of the Gujarat Titans win this award every time they bowl made us curious to see which are the 10 fastest deliveries in IPL history.

Bowling fast is a skill that not everyone possesses, and those who do are box office draws. Seeing the ball reach the batter so quickly is thrilling for the audience. There have been some serious balls bowled at record speeds, and the bowlers have been the ones we would expect. We’ll go over the details later in this article, but for now, let’s just hope that someone in the IPL breaks the 160 kmph barrier soon. Let’s take a look at the IPL’s Top 10 Fastest Deliveries.

Shaun Tait (157.1 kmph)

Even after 11 years, this rocket by Australian fast bowler Shaun Tait remains the fastest ball in IPL history. This is remarkable, and Shaun Tait was known for consistently bowling over 155 kmph, and he bowled this delivery to fellow Australian teammate Aaron Finch in this match against the Delhi Daredevils when he was a member of the Rajasthan Royals franchise in the IPL.

Umran Malik (157 Kmph)

Umran Malik has to be included ahead of Anrich Nortje, who had the fastest ball of the IPL from the 2020 season, but Umran Malik bowled it to Rovman Powell of the Delhi Capitals, who hit it for a four. Seeing an Indian in the Top 2 of this list is encouraging, and we hope Umran breaks the number 1 spot soon.

Anrich Nortje (156.22 kmph)

Anrich Nortje will appear on this list several times, and he has good reason to. It was the IPL’s 2020 season, and he wasn’t the same Anrich Nortje we know now, but he was eager to show everyone just how special he was. This particular ball came against the Rajasthan Royals, and Nortje was in excellent form, but Jos Buttler scooped it over for four runs. The Englishman made an unbelievable shot.

Umran Malik (155.60 Kmph)

Umran Malik again occupies position 4 on this list, and in the same match in which he bowled the 157 rocket, he bowled this 155.60 ball to Rovman Powell, who hit it for a 4 due to Umran’s poor line and length. He consistently bowls over 150 and is the world’s fastest bowler, which is an incredible achievement.

Anrich Nortje (155.21 kmph)

The fifth fastest ball in IPL history was bowled by the South African, and it was the response ball from Nortje, who had just been hit for a four, and it was 155.21 kmph, and it went straight to the stumps and castled over Jos Buttler, bringing an end to a thrilling battle.

Umran Malik (154.80 Km/h)

Umran Malik has taken the 6th spot once again, this time against Delhi Capitals and in the same over vs Rovman Powell, and he smashed him all over the ground. Seeing him run so fast will help him improve his line and length, but an Indian has taken three spots in the Top 10 of this prestigious list, which is incredible.

Anrich Nortje (154.74 kmph)

Anrich Nortje was in peak fast bowling form for Rajasthan in this IPL 2020 match, and after bowling the two fastest balls by a South African bowler to Jos Butter, he went on to bowl another at 154.74 kmph, cementing his name in history and earning respect from his peers and fans.

Dale Steyn (154.4 kmph)

Dale Steyn, a legend from South Africa, has the eighth fastest ball in IPL history. In the IPL, it appears that the South African fast bowlers enjoyed bowling fast. Anrich Nortje broke Dale Steyn’s record, which he had held for 8 years. Dale Steyn bowled this delivery at 154.40 kmph during a match against the Deccan Chargers.

Kagiso Rabada (154.23 kmph)

Kagiso Rabada

Kagiso Rabada

The next bowler on this list is Kagiso Rabada, a fast bowler from South Africa who is currently ranked among the best in the world. He has the record for the sixth fastest ball in IPL history, which he hit at 154.23 kmph during the 2020 season.

Anrich Nortje (154.21 kmph)

Anrich Nortje is at number 10, just 0.2 kmph behind Kagiso Rabada on the list, and this ball came against Rajasthan Royals in the same over in which he bowled 156.22 kmph, 155.21 kmph, and 154.74 kmph. It was an exceptional over of fast bowling, the likes of which we will rarely see. This 154.21 kmph ball was the fourth fastest of the over.

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