Top 5 IPL Seasons with Most Fours and Sixes Scored

This article looks at the top five IPL seasons with the most fours and sixes. Let’s start with the top five IPL seasons with the most fours. Prior to IPL 2022, there had been a total of 23345 fours hit in the 14 seasons of the IPL. This means that nearly 1,00,000 runs have been scored by only fours, with an average of 26.52 fours per match in the 884 matches played, meaning that fours have scored more than 100 runs in every IPL match. This is a staggering statistic that we are sure many of our readers will appreciate learning about. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Most Fours in an IPL Season.

2052 Fours in IPL 2013

This season has the most fours hit in an IPL season of any of the previous 14 seasons, and it is a long way ahead. It’s worth noting that this season had 76 games instead of the usual 60 in the IPL. Despite this, batters hit an average of 27 fours per match this season, indicating that they preferred hitting fours over sixes. We wonder if the current season, which has 74 matches, will be able to beat this record of hitting 2000 fours in 76 matches.

1913 Fours in IPL 2011

What if we told you that this came in second place on this list by just two fours over the third? This season, 1913 fours were hit in 74 matches, giving us an average of 25.85 fours per match, or 100 runs per match in just fours. The sixes get all the attention, but we’re glad to see that there’s a Fours countdown this year, with its own sponsor. Because hitting sixes at will was not as easy in 2011 as it is now, fours were in high demand.

1911 Fours in IPL 2012

The 76-match season from 2012 is third on the list, having just lost second place by two fours. This gives us an average of 25.14 fours per match hit in 2013, and this year the Barrera were hitting inventive fours such as sweeps, scoops, and other new ways of hitting fours, and the fans were loving the new way of hitting fours, and this was one of the hottest seasons for fours, with more than 1900 hit, resulting in a total of 76000+ runs in fours.

1708 Fours in IPL 2010

We have to go back to 2010 for the fourth spot on this list, when hitting fours was the norm and sixes were uncommon. This season, an average of 28.47 fours were hit in every match, the second highest average in IPL history, as evidenced by the fact that more than 1700 fours were hit in just 60 matches, resulting in more than 6800 runs in fours alone.

1702 Fours in IPL 2008

The final spot on this list goes to the very first season in 2008, when all of the legends were playing and they all loved hitting fours, as evidenced by hitting 1700+ fours in only 59 matches, and this season had the best average of any season, with an outstanding average of 28.85 fours per match, which has yet to be beaten in any season and will be very difficult to match. Let’s wait until the end of the season to see how the number of fours and average fours per match shape up for the 2022 season.

Now is the time to count the sixes

Everyone who watches the IPL loves seeing a lot of sixes hit in every match, and there have been a lot of sixes hit in the IPL over the last 14 years (excluding the current season), as we will discuss below. The game has progressed significantly, and it is possible that in this 15th season of the Tata IPL, 1000 sixes will be hit for the first time in IPL history, so stay tuned.



The Batters have hit a total of 9581 sixes in the 14 IPL seasons prior to the current season, in a total of 884 IPL matches, for an average of 10.84 sixes per match, which is simply incredible. It’s incredible to hit 10+ sixes in every game, and even more incredible to think that in the current 15th season, an average of 13+ sixes could be hit in 74 games. The bowlers have come to see the ball in the stands. Let’s take a look at the five IPL seasons with the most sixes.

872 Sixes in IPL 2018

This is the most sixes ever hit in the previous 14 seasons combined. The crazy thing is that there were only 60 matches this season as opposed to 74 in the current season, and the average number of sixes per match was a mind-boggling 14.53, which is cruel to the bowlers. What will happen if all of the batters start hitting sixes? The hitting in the 2018 season was unprecedented, and fans were fortunate that few of us were injured or struck.

784 Sixes in IPL 2019

The following year, 2019, is ranked second on this list, with 784 sixes hit during the season. There were also 60 matches this season, with an average of 13.07 sixes, which is lower than last season but still a lot. We like sixes, but bowlers should be allowed to rest instead of constantly watching the ball sail into the stands. Because the grounds in India are generally short, six hitting appears to be a lot of fun.

734 Sixes in IPL 2020

We’re going back from 2018 to 2020, and this year’s IPL was held in the UAE, where the grounds are much larger than in India, but there were still a lot of sixes hit. We are proud that the batters have developed into extremely powerful players who can easily clear any boundary. In the UAE, a total of 734 sixes were hit in 60 matches, with an average of 12.23 sixes per match, which was quite impressive.

731 Sixes in IPL 2012

Now, let’s go back to 2012, when there were 76 matches and 731 sixes were hit, indicating that the bowlers had some relief this season, as the average sixes per match was 9.62, the fourth lowest of any season, indicating that the batters were only trying conventional hitting shots to hit sixes. Nonetheless, it is ranked fourth on this list.

714 Sixes in IPL 2014

The fifth and final spot on this list is from the 2014 season, when the average number of sixes per match increased to 11.90, indicating that the Bowlers’ respite was only temporary as the batters continued to hit a lot of sixes per match, and in 60 matches, the players hit the record sixes, but all of that will change in 2022, as we will almost certainly have a new number one at the end of the current season.

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