Tale of Umran Malik’s Wicket – Dream Spell 5/25 against Gujarat Titans

Umran Malik took five wickets in the IPL match between Gujarat Titans and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Umran Malik was a high-energy runner. Malik now has 15 wickets for Purple Cap, falling just short of 3 wickets.

Umran Malik produced one of the most memorable pace bowling performances not only in IPL 2022, but in league history, with a sensational 5/25 in four overs in a stellar display of raw pace and accuracy as he single-handedly toppled the Gujarat Titans top order on May 4.

Let us take a detailed look on each of his 5 wickets

Wicket No. 1

Umran Malik to Shubman Gill, out Bowled!! Knocked him over! Umran Malik and Gill make room at 144 kph with a fast and quick ball. He completely misses it as he moves away to play the cut, and the off-stump has been rattled. Malik strikes in his first over, breaking a potentially dangerous opening partnership.

Wicket No. 2

Umran Malik Shines In IPL; J&K's Cricketing Youth Scaling Heights Despite  Poor Infra - Indiaahead News

Umran Malik

Umran Malik to Hardik Pandya, out  and he was caught by Marco Jansen!! Umran Malik catches the big one! Hardik Pandya looks to play a pull shot but is hurried due to the pace and bounce of the ball. Gets a thick top edge that flies over the keeper’s head, but Jansen moves across to his left, settles underneath the skier, and takes a safe catch to end Pandya’s brief innings.

Wicket No.3

Out Bowled, Umran Malik to W Saha!! That’s about 153kph for a thunderbolt of a yorker! He was brought back to get a wicket, and he does exactly that. Gets the free-flowing Saha’s big one. What a great time! It’s Saha’s turn to back away early, probably trying to access the off-side, but it’s a risk against someone of Umran’s pace. Especially when he’s attacking the stumps. To make matters worse for Saha, this is a lightning fast, inch-perfect yorker. Nothing could have been done once he had exposed all of the sticks. It’s game time!

Wicket No.4

Umran Malik to Miller, out Bowled!! Umran Malik is capable of making mistakes! What a bowler he’s developing into! Makes a royal mess of the stumps once more, forcing Miller to walk back. This is a huge strike! The batter, who was nearly 147kph, was late in bringing his bat down in time and heard the timber rattle. Miller, on the other hand, never really got going. And he’s fallen just as he should have been raising the stakes.

Wicket No.5

Out Bowled, Umran Malik to Abhinav Manohar!! To end the spell, a maiden IPL 5-fer! Young man, take a bow! This has been a masterclass in fast, fast, and superfast bowling. Another quick bomb lands on the stumps, and poor Manohar is unable to keep it out. And look at Malik, pumping his chests with joy. He’s been a one-man show, and SRH are comfortably on top. What a powerful spell!

Know who Umran Malik is – Some tales about him

Umran Malik was born on November 22, 1999, and is India’s fastest bowler. He is from Jammu and Kashmir’s Gujjar Nagar. This area is well-known for its Shiva temples. Abdul Rashid, his father, sells vegetables and fruits at Shledhi Chowk. Umran fell in love with cricket when he was three years old. Academics were not his cup of tea, and his family was aware of this. He is a dropout from Class X. He is not the only child in his family; he also has two older sisters.

One of his older sisters, Shehnaaz, was always there for him. She always shielded him from his friends and family and assisted him whenever he needed it. He couldn’t afford proper training and equipment because he didn’t come from a wealthy family. He used to compete in tennis ball tournaments and win cash prizes for his efforts. He joined the Jammu and Kashmir Sports Council at the age of 17, but his only issue was a lack of discipline.

In 2018, he was named to the U-19 team. He had incredible speed, but he struggled with his line and length. He took a couple of wickets in his debut Cooch Behar Trophy match, but due to his high run rate, he was forced to sit out the rest of the tournament. As a net bowler, he travelled with the Ranji team.

Change of Umran Malik’s fortune

At the beginning of 2019, his fortunes began to change. Later that year, former Indian cricket team player Irfan Pathan joined the Jammu and Kashmir scene after receiving a call from the MRF camp in Chennai. He began to work with him on his line and length because he was a pacer himself. As things appeared to be improving, difficulties arose; the repeal of Article 370 affected him personally, and he was unable to perform properly. He played a couple of matches that year, taking three wickets in the lone T20 match against Railways.

COVID-19 was a pain for everyone around the world, but it was a blessing in disguise for Umran because the IPL franchise was designed to prioritise local talent over foreigners. He was signed by the Sunrisers Hyderabad franchise and batted against David Warner several times. When Natarajan had to sit out due to COVID-19, Umran stepped in and drew attention. Under the direction of Dale Steyn, his performances have improved this year. The entire Gujjar Nagar is proud of their son, and we all want him to succeed in national colours.

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